The Barefoot Approach Explained

Taking a horse barefoot isn't just about removing the shoes. Often, having a shoeless horse can require a completely different mindset. The focus is on getting the hooves as strong and healthy as  they can be so shoes are unnessary. The unshod hoof has very different needs to a shod hoof. 

There's 3 fundamental elements to taking a horse barefoot with minimal stress and frustration (for both you and your horse):


Taking a horse barefoot often requires a very different approach to having a horse shod.


Information is just data. Knowledge is a true understanding of the information. 


It can be really scary going barefoot with your horse. It's far less stressful with supportive friends and professionals

Below are the most useful articles I've published to help you find the clarity and support you need to meet your horse's needs when going barefoot.

Barefoot Thinking

Owner Support & Advice

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