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Laminitis Warning Signs

Laminitis can affect any horse...

Does your horse suffer with Foot Soreness, Persistent Hoof Infection, Wall Cracks, Flare, or Underrun heels?

These problems can be signs of low grade laminitis. Inflammation (laminitis) in the hoof can cause deformity and soundness issues. Trying to fix the hoof without identifying and addressing the inflammation feels like pushing mud uphill.

Do you know what to look for? We discuss 35 different early warning signs that inflammation is affecting the hoof, explaining anatomy and function, what laminitis is, how it affects the horse and hooves and practical things you can do to address the problem without losing your mind!

The Healthy Horse: Feeding and Nutrition

We Are What We Eat

It's easy to see why diet is so important. The body is always regenerating, it needs good nutrition to be able to build healthy cells. Nutrition is such a confusing subject though!

There's so much advice, and so many different choices, how are you ever supposed to figure out what's right for your horse?

Learn how to get Maximum Herd Health For Minimum Effort…

The Healthy Horse: Online Workshops

Not Just a Lecture

A quick and easy solution for getting the understanding you need so you can ask the right questions and be the proactive center of your horse's team of professionals.

The workshops are a lecture and discussion hybrid. Yes there's a lecture (obviously) but then we have a group discussion about the content so the attendees can ask questions, and learn from everyone else's questions too

28 Day Hoof Transformation

Improve your horse's Hooves health and soundness 1 step at a time

Figuring all this out on your own can be a lot.

We break things down into manageable pieces, so you can work out what to focus on, and how to get great results for your horse the easiest way possible.

Don't be fooled by this course being short and sweet. It's one of our most powerful programs!