Transitioning Your Horse: Rest or Exercise for Great Hoof Health?

Transitioning Your Horse:Rest or Exercise for Great Hoof Health? When the shoes come off, it’s common for the hoof to need to heal and strengthen to become fully sound and functional. What is needed to rehabilitate the hooves will depend on what problems you’re trying to address. People are often advised to work the feet until […]

Transitioning Your Horse: Taking The Shoes Off? How to Plan For Barefoot Success

Transitioning Your Horse:Taking The Shoes Off?How to Plan For Barefoot Success There are so many health benefits to having a horse barefoot rather than shod that it’s becoming quite common these days for people to remove the shoes and transition their horse to barefoot. While the reduced concussion, reduce slippage, lack of nail holes and increase […]

Inside Out

Inside Out I frequently see people asking for help on social media when their horse is lame, or footsore, as it’s often referred to these days. More and more often I keep seeing people asking for help because the weather has made their horse lame, or the ground is making their horse sore.Outside InThis would […]

Let’s Talk About It

Let’s Talk About It Every so often I ask on the facebook page, what people find the most frustrating or challenging thing about having a barefoot horse. The most common answer is communicating with other people, or dealing with people who don’t understand barefoot. It’s a common frustration for barefoot horse owners, that we come under […]

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