Master Your Horse's Environment

Our horses are a product of the environment they live in. While we can't provide a completely natural environment for most domesticated horses, we can make it as species appropriate as possible. Let's explore ways we can use all aspects of the environment to benefit our horse's health as well as simplifying our lives and reducing our list of chores.

There's 3 key components to the horse's environment:

Your World

Everything around your horse is part of the environment. The field, stable, tack, feed, water... the list is endless!

Your horse

The internal body is an environment in itself, we often seem to overlook horse health as a significant part of the environment...

Your Team

Everyone who interacts with your horse are part of the environment around them. (whether we like it or not!) 

Below are the most useful articles I've published to help you understand how your horse's internal and external environment affects hoof health, and give you ideas and support for providing the best species specific environment you can.

Horse Health

Horse Management

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