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Why I Built Barefoot Horse Info

Why I Built Barefoot Horse Info Barefoot Horse Info… What’s that all about then, hey? Back in August Eddie Linehan from Thunderbrook Feeds was expressing his frustration in the Barefoot Horse Owners Group that there wasn’t a single point of contact where people could get information on trimmers. It wasn’t by any means an original […]

Holy CAKES Batman

Holy CAKES Batman! So yesterday I asked a question on the facebook page. Life is always better with… It’s with equal parts admiration, and concern that I can confirm the answer was a resounding CAKE!!! (Though Nicola deserves a nod for elevating horses to share the lofty status that cake holds in our lives) It’s […]

What I Did This Weekend

What I Did This Weekend Well it’s been an exciting weekend for me! I went and did that thing, where you make what seems like a simple suggestion to someone, and it ends up with you spending 12 hours doing a very unexpected task, on top of the fancy birthday cake you were trying to […]

Welcome to Hoof Geek

Welcome to Hoof Geek Hello all you lovely people. ME, ME, ME! Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Debs.  I’m an Equine Podiatrist and Health Care Practitioner from the South of England.  That’s just details really, to find out who I really am and what I stand for you’ll have to read more of the […]