What I Did This Weekend

015 What_I_Did_This_Weekend

Well it’s been an exciting weekend for me!

I went and did that thing, where you make what seems like a simple suggestion to someone, and it ends up with you spending 12 hours doing a very unexpected task, on top of the fancy birthday cake you were trying to make.

Not to mention the 10 decomposing cadaver legs you have in your back garden awaiting your attention and evaluation, on a scorching hot day! Mmm cake and cadavers and a sunny day – it takes a certain kind of person to put those 3 things together for a fun weekend.

What was my 12 hour task??? Well if you haven’t heard by now, and you’re based in the UK and have a barefoot horse, follow this link to have your say about the proposed changes to the Farrier Registration Act. It’s really important your voice is heard, however you have only until Friday 12th July to act. There’s more details and explanations there so take a look.

I did get time to make a free gift for you too…

In the last post hoofgeek.com/unsung-hero I was telling you all about why I think therapeutic pads are so awesome!

One of the downsides to these pads, is they can be a little frustrating the first time you try to fit them into boots, as you have to cut them to size yourself. It’s really not complicated, but as with many things in life it can be a little fiddly to do in the beginning.

As you’re awesome, and I want to help you get as much stacked in your favour as possible for improving your horses hooves, I’ve written you a Hoof Geek Guide all about how to fit these pads into boots, which boots to select for the job, and which boots aren’t going to work for you.

There’s maintenance tips for your pads so you can make them last as long as possible, and explanations, so you understand why, if you feel you’re getting through the pads too quickly.

So there you go – no need to feel unsure about a piece of foam – download the Hoof Geek Guide To Fitting Therapeutic Pads to Hoof Boots and you’ve got the information you need to utilise a really powerful hoof rehabilitation tool.