Does The Camera Lie?

Wonky photo

We’ve all seen a photo of a friend at some point and hardly recognised them because they really don’t look like that. It can be the same with hooves.

Hooves can be baffling to photograph. If the camera angle isn’t right the hoof can look completely different in real life compared to how the photo looks.

The first set of photos I took of my horses feet, had me convinced I was losing my mind. I’d just got home from the yard (a 1/2 hour drive away), and excitedly (but patiently – computers were sloooow back then) downloaded the photos from my new camera.

On seeing them, I was horrified! How could my horses feet possibly be that unbalanced and I’d not noticed! I got straight back in my car and drove all the way back to the yard to look at the hooves – which looked nothing like the photos. Lesson learned.

I was once sent a series of photos, which I shared with a colleague for help. We concluded, that the foot was either high on the inside, or high on the outside, or had long toes, or had short toes or… you get the idea – we were wondering if the photos had been taken months apart, or had been trimmed in between the shots, or were of different hooves and had been labelled wrong…

Nope. Just a lame horse with interestingly wonky feet.

Take a look at this post I created on facebook to show what I mean.

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