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I work with people who want wildly effective hoof care, without the usual stress and complication. I put you in control so you feel more confident and enjoy having awesomely healthy horses.

Hoof Geek Guide: Infection Free Hooves

Get realistic advice, practical guidance and simple explanations for the most common and problematic hoof infections.


  • What causes infection
  • How to manage it
  • Remedies that really work
  • What to avoid!
  • How to tell when you might need to change your environment
  • When you should just stop worrying…

There's loads of full colour photos to show you what to look out for, and what things look like when they're healthy, you should be feeling more confident and in control in no time at all.

From the Blog

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Flare – How Do You Stop It? When Should You Trim It?
Flare - How Do You Stop It? When Should You Trim It?Here’s a question from Jess, multi-part questions in fact.[...]
The Golden Rule of Barefoot Trimming
The Golden Rule of Barefoot TrimmingThere’s a lot of talk about what trimming methods to use, what should, or should[...]

Hoof Geek Guide: Measuring for Hoof Boots

It can be tricky measuring a hoof that isn't text book perfect, and knowing which kind of hoof boot will suit. The diagrams from the hoof boot manufacturers tell you how to measure a good hoof, but what about all those interesting hoof shapes, that need boots to help heal and strengthen the hooves?

Hoof boots are an expensive item, and getting the wrong size or style can be a costly mistake, postage for returns can really add up...