Whole Horse Hoof Health Workshop

Discover the secrets of hoof health and take a fascinating look inside the hoof with a dissection demo

Purton, Wiltshire

Sun 25th June 2023

For horse owners who want to understand their horses hooves

The health of the hooves is inextricably linked to the health of the horse. A horse, and their hooves are a product of their environment.

Understanding how the horse’s body affects hoof structure, function and health is the key to strengthening the hooves and improving the soundness of your horse.

During this one day workshop you will:
  • Discover the role gut health plays in developing strong, sound healthy hooves
  • Understand why gut problems cause hoof problems
  • Learn the often missed signs of gut issues
  • Find out how inflammation causes hoof pathology
  • Discuss common hoof problems you never realised were a laminitis red flag
  • Get a simple check system so you can confidently evaluate and monitor your horse for common health issues
And A Dissection Demo

A dissection demo is an amazing way to really understand the horse’s hoof. 

Once you’ve seen the internal structures, you’ll never look at hooves the same way again. 

Often a seeing the internal structures of the hoof completely flips everything you thought you knew on it’s head.

  • You’ll understand the soft tissues in ways you’ve never considered before
  • You’ll be amazed by just how tiny and delicate some of the most important structures are.
  • You’ll be impressed by the strength of the structures you thought of as delicate.

A hoof dissection gives you unexpected insights and a new and deeper respect for just how amazing our horses are!

What: Whole Horse Hoof Health Workshop. This is an in person event, not online.

Where: Purton, Wiltshire

When: Sun 25th June 9am-5pm

How: Places are limited, so grab your spot now!

Price: £120