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Here's What Past Students Have Said...

very informative

Caroline David

The course was very informative and delivered in bite size chunks. Debs has a relaxed but very informative presentation style, injecting appropriate humour.

The two modules that I found most beneficial covered nutrition and hoof dissection. Debs gives her view based on her experience but does not try and persuade you that her way is the only way.

I shall certainly be checking the website and facebook group regularly even though the course has finished. Well done Debs.

Again and again and again

Kalli Norton

I find I come back to this course and its Facebook community multiple times and always make new discoveries. I have one of those horses who isn't considered high risk, yet always seems on the cusp of inflammatory upset. We have managed for many years, and hopefully will for many more.

But that management can only be successful when built on a foundation of sound evidence-based information; that is what Debs excels at providing. She is also very generous in treating each participant (and situation) as unique.

you will never be alone again

Wow! Hoof Health Laid Bare is an incredible course - broken down in to extremely easy to digest lessons - although there is A LOT of information - Debs explains things so easily and well that nothing felt too overwhelming! I feel confident looking at my horses feet and I feel like I can make informed decisions for their hooves and for their lives as a whole! Thank you Debs 

Constant Worry Am I Doing The Right Thing....

Amanda Gorick

I'd read 5 books on Lami before the course, but always rather glazed over all the hoof diagrams and pictures. Being drip fed the hoof basics at the start made a lot of things fall in to place. Although I still have lots to learn.

The bonus module was also very helpful - one giant FAQ!! Debs style is very straightforward, practical and reassuring, plus hugely engaging and fun! It has helped me to think more clearly when we get the moments when the lami journey hits a bump.

I'm sorry I missed all but one of the zooms, but as the only horsey member of our household, and being expected to produce Sunday dinner the family tension was too much. I am catching up in any quiet moments.

Knowledge and a New Confidence

Trisha Stewart

When I decided to start the course it was because of my 'apparent' lack of knowledge, which to a degree was correct but the biggest takeaway for me, personally (not my horse) was that I learned I could not 'fix it' in the here and now, like today, or even yesterday! At the start Willow had a lameness/sore feet and 4/5 months earlier had an xray and it was found she had 'mild' pedal bone rotation (that was what the vet told me)

Also at that time, I was just out of major OHS surgery and was relying on my horse's basics being taken care of, which was not good enough, she got rain scald, mud fever and she had sore feet - I was beside myself with worry, how could all of this happened in the course of these months! Hence, I joined Deb's and for me, it was the best thing ever.

I learned to be more observant, less stressed, I understood that there was no 'quick fix it today' and that it was okay to be in a less position than I would like with my horse. Blaming myself was easy, which in fact I am to blame, my horse is too fat, she is open to IR and plus she has all this other stuff going on. But with sore feet what could I do??

I took charge, made my farrier come - he is not good at making appointments and I have allowed him far too much time between visits, no more though! I shut my horse out of the paddocks, down in the yard with her silly little filly friend and hated to see her down here but in fact, the first two weeks she could not hardly walk or at least did not want to.

So, I observed, with the knowledge that I had Deb's and her team behind me, I felt confident in the actions I was taking. I stopped all other supplements and just gave L94 which seemed to work wonders, although the combination of everything else may have done the trick.

I am so glad I took the course and would highly recommend it to others and of course, I will do too. No matter what you think you know, there are always 'golden nuggets' and learning with Deb's is such fun anyway, I felt like I was surrounded by people on my side, well, I guess they were really. Thanks to Debs and Victoria for all the efforts and listening you have done for me.