Do you want an easy way to monitor your horse’s health?

You know when something ‘isn’t quite right’ 

but the difficult part is knowing what, and where the problem is. The closer you are to your horse, the harder it can be to see a clear picture. 

The Hoof Geek Health Checks give you a simple way to analyse and monitor your horse.

Direct ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions help you clearly see what’s going on in different areas of whole horse health.

You can pick just one area to focus on, or use a few of the checklists at once for a more complete picture.

The 9 Health Checks

  • Hoof Capsule Structure
  • Internal Hoof Health
  • Hoof Infection
  • Gait Analysis
  • Flexibility
  • Balanced Nutrition
  • Digestion
  • Toxin Elimination
  • Laminitis

If there’s a problem the body naturally compensates. 

It does this shockingly well, however, this means that certain structures or systems have to make up for it and do a job they’re not designed to do. 

In the short term we can get away with this, but the additional strain and stress creates excess wear and tear on the body increasing the risk of injury or even complete breakdown. 

Identifying potential issues, and noticing what systems are already in a state of compensation is essential for healing and preventing further problems developing.

It’s harder to see the subtle, early warning signs, but if you can, potential problems can be overcome fairly quickly or even, completely avoided.

These health checks aren’t going to magically turn you into an expert, but they are going to give you a structured way to monitor what’s going on with your horse. You’ll know what’s improving or what’s deteriorating. 

By following through the Health Check questions you can get a clear picture of what needs addressing to increase your horses health and well-being.

You’ll also get a really good picture of everything that’s going right! Let's not overlook that! In our eagerness to care for our horses it’s so easy to focus on the problems, we can sometimes lose sight of just how much is going right.

This system will help you focus on what you need to improve, and let you chill out about the rest.

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