White Lines Explained 

Free Online Workshop

Sunday 2nd April 8pm (London)

The White Lines might have a bit of a strange name (they're not actually white) but they're an important part of the hoof.

They do more than just trap little stones to annoy you. They can actually tell you a lot about the health of the hoof.

We'll be answering all your White Line questions in this live workshop exclusively for Hoof Geek Academy members so sign up below for a FREE membership if you'd like to come along.

  • What the White Line does (or should do)
  • What it means if you’re having problems
  • How to handle White Line Disease
  • What White Line stretching really means
  • What to do about those pesky stones that get stuck
  • Why those pesky stones may be a sign of a bigger problem!

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About Debs Crosoer

Debs Crosoer is a practicing Equine Podiatrist with over 15 years experience, author and educator.

Her focus is on helping people who want wildly effective horse keeping methods, without the usual stress and complication.