Do Do you find hoof care confusing? 


Simplify Without Dumbing Down

Does hoof care leave you:

  • With more questions than answers?
  • Wondering if you're doing the right thing?
  • Overwhelmed with all the conflicting information?
  • Unsure who's advice to follow?
  • Stressed and frustrated
  • Secretly wishing there was an easier way?

Drowning in information yet still thirsting for knowledge...
The internet is amazing. Any time we have a question we can get information about anything at all in just a few clicks. There are so many people willing to give their time and advice to help us. Yet somehow this leaves a lot of us more confused than before we went searching for answers.

Either we get a load of conflicting advice and can't figure out who's right and who's wrong, or we end up trying a few things, which leaves us going the long way round with trial and error.

A Good Foundation
Having a good foundation of knowledge to build on can be invaluable.

Information is just data. Information with understanding is knowledge.

The Hoof Health Laid Bare course takes the big puzzle that is whole horse hoof health and presents one small piece of that puzzle at a time. Once you understand each puzzle piece you will be able to put the jigsaw together to see the whole picture with far greater clarity and new insight.


This isn't a trimming course, but you should know everything that's covered in this course before putting a rasp to your horse's hoof. Trimming is basically, just removing hoof horn. Knowing what to trim, how the hoof functions and how the hoof interacts with the rest of the body is essential if you want to give your horse the best hoof care you can.

What's Inside?

12 module self-paced course...

Get INSTANT ACCESS to everything!

Structure and Function

Putting the 'fun' into function :D :D

No... seriously! Most people expect this to be the boring part, but it's the foundation of everything. A good grasp of anatomy is key to cutting through the confusion.

Module 1 - Hoof Structure

What a hoof is supposed to look like.

Discover all the nooks and crannies of a healthy hoof capsule.

We discuss each structure individually so you can learn it 1 step at a time.

Module 2 - Foot Structure

It's what's on the inside that counts!

The ins and outs of the internal hoof are revealed.

We tackle internal anatomy one bite at a time.

Module 3 - Hoof Function

We put your new found knowledge from modules 1 and 2 into action, so you can see how it all works together.

What hoof growth can tell you about your horse...

The #1 stumbling block to healthy circulation and why it's so important.

Module 4 - Dissections

Now you're really getting the inside scoop.

Getting a good look at what the internal structures really look like is an absolute game changer.

You'll never think about your horse's hooves in the same way again.

Balance and Pathology

The rights and Wrongs of it

Let's figure out what's wrong and enable your horse to heal through true balance.

Module 5 - Hoof Balance

True hoof balance isn't just about the horny structure...

How can we get the horse and the hoof in balance with each other?

Balance isn't just static, it's dynamic!

Module 6 - Hoof Pathology

Let's look at the individual structures again.

Why they develop problems and what you need to know to fix them.

Hooves can heal with the right approach.

Module 7 - Foot Pathology

Some problems go a bit deeper...

How do you fix what's broken on the inside?

You'll be amazed just how well the horses foot can heal given the right environment.

Module 8 - Improving Hoof Health

Hooves are always growing changing and adapting.

The tools you need to get the best possible hoof your horse can have.

Hooves can always get better.


Nurturing the horse for the best possible hooves

Your horse and their hooves are a product of their environment, so lets set ourselves up for success!

Module 9 - Internal Environment

Healthy horses have healthy hooves.

True health comes from within, so let's get your horse positively glowing.

You'd be amazed just how much can affect hoof health once you know where to look!

Module 10 - External Environment

We look at ways to make the environment do the work for us.

Managing the environment is one of the most frustrating things for horse owners, and creates the most amount of work for us.

I strongly believe we should make things as simple as possible, but without sacrificing results.

Module 11 - Nutrition

Nutrition is the key  to everything when it comes to health

Let's cut through the confusion and really get a handle on all that conflicting advice.

This module will help you feel more confident in your feeding decisions.

Module 12 - Analysis

How to identify what's healthy and what needs improvement.

Monitor your progress effectively so you can be sure you're on the right track.

Know where you're starting from, where you're going and how you're going to get there!


As if all that wasn't enough... there's more!

Some are just for fun, some are seriously helpful!

 In the Bonuses you'll Get...

Horse friendly feeds

Helpful supplements to address the most common causes of laminitis

An Acute Laminitis Action Plan

Products for battling infection

How to spot laminitis early

My awesome secret brownie recipe - well ok, it's not so secret anymore, but it's definitely still awesome!

Private Facebook group. It's a really supportive community of your kind of people.

Monthly Facebook Live sessions. Ask me anything - though try to make it somewhat relevant if you can... I don't need any encouragement when it comes to shooting off on tangents.

And more... 

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About the Tutor

Hi! I'm Debs Crosoer. I’m a practicing Equine Podiatrist with over 10 years experience, author and educator. My focus is on helping people who want wildly effective horse keeping methods, without the usual stress and complication.

I’ve helped many horse owners improve their horse's health and strengthen their hooves. I believe knowledge is power. The more we, as owners, can understand about our horses, the better equipped we are to keep them happy and healthy without causing ourselves undue stress!

So... How does this work then?

How Long?

This is a self paced module course. You can do a little at a time or binge it all like it's your favorite Netflix show! (Winter is coming after all!!)

Each module has between 30 mins and 1hr of content split into 5-7 lessons. How much extra time you spend discussing things and asking questions is up to you!

You'll have lifetime access to all the content, so you can work at your own pace.

What Format?

Each module will have video lessons, with supporting docs like worksheets, pdfs and further resources where necessary.

Access is through this membership site.

You have instant access to all the modules and bonuses.


Well, technically it's all done at home, but there are no assignments to complete, or grades given.


I will be updating the course over time. You'll have access to the new content too.

Group Discussions?

There's a monthly live group discussion in the facebook group.

Difficulty level ?

This course is aimed at horse owners. All the basics will be covered. I try to make everything easy to understand.

That said, I've had equine professionals who gained a lot from attending too.

Lifetime Access?

I'm not sure if that's morbid or not! Lets not worry about our mortality :) 

Lifetime access means for the lifetime of Hoof Geek Academy.

What People Are Saying...

Fantastic Hoof Care Course

Sophie Evans

Wow! Hoof Health Laid Bare is an incredible course - broken down in to extremely easy to digest lessons - although there is A LOT of information - Debs explains things so easily and well that nothing felt too overwhelming!

I feel confident looking at my horses feet and I feel like I can make informed decisions for their hooves and for their lives as a whole! Thank you Debs :)

A wealth of knowledge

I have studied anatomy over the years (BHS and bodyworker) but I still learnt so much from this course. The knowledge and experience that Debs has shines through and she really wants to empower people to be able to make the right decisions for their horses and circumstances.

The course gives very practical examples and acknowledges that we don't live in utopia but still gives the information that helps arrive at the right course of action for the individual. It is done in a humorous and entertaining way.

Thoroughly enjoyed it and will revisit in the future. Most of all it gave me the tools to work my way through issues in a calm, methodical way rather than feeling overwhelmed and panicky when faced with a problem.

Covers all areas of hoof health and care

I had just started loaning a barefoot pony and he was sore walking over rough surfaces and had a short choppy stride on roads and in the school. The previous owner had assured me that this was just him but i was not convinced and desperate for more info.

A friend at the yard recommended hoof geek and i signed up for the laminitis warning signs course but after completing module 1 i was keen to know as much as i could about hooves quickly to make an informed decision about how to proceed with the loan pony.

Debs allowed me to transfer to hoof health laid bare. I completed the course within 3 days it was brilliant. Everything was covered in detail and i liked the lecture style and the modules approach. If i had questions i could leave a comment and got a quick response from Debs.

I went for the course with a private consultation which I highly recommend. After eating up all this info and diagnosing our pony with everything from white line disease to laminitis it was very reassuring to be able to send photos of hooves and videos of paces and discuss them with Debs whilst she patiently pointed out that the feet were not that bad and confirmed what i could do to improve them.

Thank you Debs. Wish i'd done this course years ago when i got my first footsore pony. Would have saved a lot of trial, error and heartache!

Get Instant Access Now!

12 Module Self Paced Course

3 ways to pay...

Split Pay

3 monthly payments






  • Full access to the course
  • 3 monthly payments
  • 1 payment now, 2 more to follow

Let's talk about your horse





  • Private Zoom consultation with Debs Crosoer
  • Full access to the course
  • One-time payment


What happens next?

How long do I have access to the course?

How can I get a refund?

How much is the course?

Any discounts?

Will I have access to new content?

Will there be an exam?!?

How long are the modules?

Do I need to have a facebook account?

Get Instant Access Now!

12 Module Self Paced Course

3 ways to pay...

Split Pay

3 monthly payments






  • Full access to the course
  • 3 monthly payments
  • 1 payment now, 2 more to follow

Let's talk about your horse





  • Private Zoom consultation with Debs Crosoer
  • Full access to the course
  • One-time payment