Hoof Care Practitioner!

We’re not checking if your HCP is healthy here, rather, we’re looking at whether you’re really getting what you deserve from the relationship.

The Questions

1. Do they turn up on time (or let you know they’re running late)?

​2. Are you happy with how they handle your horse?

​3. Do they answer your questions with a proper explanation? (it doesn’t count if they just placate you, do you feel like you’ve got a deeper understanding than before you asked the question)

4. Are you happy ask them questions? (even if they're silly or challenging - the questions that is!)

5. Is your horse as comfortable or more comfortable after they’ve left as before they arrived? (if not, does this happen often, and do you understand why it’s happening, have they explained it to you and have you questioned them?)


I’ve resisted the urge to ask if you’re scared of your HCP, as I like to think this particular issue is less common than it actually is! If you are, it’s possible there’s someone else there who would be a better fit for you. It's ok to change practitioner.  Don't forget YOU employ THEM!

Admittedly this check is a little tongue in cheek which is why it's not included on the score sheet (I laughed, possibly more than I should admit, when writing it).

But on the other hand - it's also very serious.  It's essential that you build a team of horse care professionals you trust.

The Client

Just for fun, how about this…

Yes it's important to have an HCP you're comfortable with... But what are you like as a client?  Are you setting your HCP up for success, or are you making it difficult for them to help you!!

Do you think they look forward to getting to your yard or does it fill them with a sense of impending DOOOOM!! 🙂

The Questions

1. Do you turn up on time?

​2. Do you supervise your horse and ensure good behaviour?

​3. Do you answer their questions fully and honestly (even if you’ve done the exact opposite of what they advised you to last time they saw you), or get angry if the advice isn't what you wanted to hear?

4. Is your horse ready when they arrive? (Or do you bring it in from the field (while they’re waiting) when they arrive and present a mud beast?)

5. Is your HCP as comfortable or more comfortable after they’ve left as before they arrived? (or are they bruised and battered?)


Just messing - but worth thinking about. If you want to get the best from anyone, set them up for success. That goes for both professionals and clients alike.

You’re a team after all, if you’re not working together, then you’re working against each other, which is wasted energy on both your parts.

If your horse is likely to injure your HCP will they be able to come back regularly? Are they scared of your horse (or you!)?