Healthy Hoof Capsule

The hoof capsule is the outer horny structures of the hoof. There's also a health check for the internal structures.

The Questions

1. Are the walls straight with little to no cracking when viewed from the side and front at least 5mm thickness when viewed from underneath?

​2. Is the sole concave with good depth to the collateral grooves?

​3. Is the frog wide with a thumb print indent in the middle and good height?   

4. Are the bars straight from the bit that meets the wall at the heel to no more than halfway down the frog?

5. Do you have a good triangle shape at the weight bearing part of the heel (where the bar meets the wall to create the angle of the bar) and is the back of the angle of the bar level with the widest part of the frog


If you need to refresh your mind on anatomy look here

If you'd like to see what a strong hoof looks like look here

To see what I mean by the back part of the angle of the bar being at the widest part for the frog look here (sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words)


For each 'NO' answer score 2 points.

If your score is 0

If your score is 1-3

If your score is 4-6

If your score is 7-10