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Healthy Weight Loss For Horses

Healthy Weight Loss for Horses Managing an overweight horse can be difficult. If your horse is kept on a livery yard, options can be limited, and as an owner you can be subjected to all manner of pressure from other *ahem* ‘helpful, well-meaning experts’. Sadly, fat shaming has come to the horse world. As has shaming […]

Inside Out

Inside Out I frequently see people asking for help on social media when their horse is lame, or footsore, as it’s often referred to these days. More and more often I keep seeing people asking for help because the weather has made their horse lame, or the ground is making their horse sore.Outside InThis would […]

Weatherproof Hoof

It’s around this time of year that I start seeing a lot of posts where people are asking for help because their horse has gone lame because the ground is wet. I’ve no doubt in 6 months or so, I’ll be seeing people say that their horse is lame because the ground is too dry. […]

Dry Brittle Hooves: Which Product is Best?

Dry Brittle Hooves: Which Product is Best? There seems to be a lot of advice around about whether or not hoof oil and hoof moisturisers are good for hooves. Some people swear by hoof oils, others swear against them. Let’s look at what’s happening and why, and see if we can’t get a little crazy […]

The Great Natural Horse Keeping Hoax

The Great Natural Horse Keeping Hoax We’re all aiming to keep our horses as naturally as possible, but is that really the best thing for them? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of keeping horses naturally. My horses are turned out 24/7, I use herbs where possible, avoid drugs unless absolutely necessary, we’re […]

Holy CAKES Batman

Holy CAKES Batman! So yesterday I asked a question on the facebook page. Life is always better with… It’s with equal parts admiration, and concern that I can confirm the answer was a resounding CAKE!!! (Though Nicola deserves a nod for elevating horses to share the lofty status that cake holds in our lives) It’s […]

Unsung Hero – The Ultimate Tool for Rehabilitating Hooves

Unsung Hero – The Ultimate Tool for Rehabilitating Hooves When it comes to rehabilitating hooves, there’s a little unsung hero. It doesn’t get the kind of attention nutrition does. Maybe because it’s not as complicated or confusing as nutrition sometimes is. Nutrition needs frequent and repeated discussions. Maybe because once you’ve done it, you sort […]