Can you spot the early warning signs of Laminitis before it's too late?

Does your horse suffer with Foot Soreness, Persistent Hoof Infection, Wall Cracks, Flare or Underrun Heels?

​These can all be signs of low grade (or sub clinical) laminitis. A small amount of inflammation (laminitis) in the hoof can be enough to cause hoof and soundness problems.  If left unaddressed, it can make solving these issues feel like an uphill struggle...

Laminitis can affect any horse.


 The Signs Are There!

Not so long ago, I was contacted by a blog reader who described their horse now as completely laminitis free. They wanted some help for persistent thrush, white line disease and a bit of advice about hoof boots.

During our discussion I couldn’t help feeling that they were putting in an awful lot of effort (and still not getting results) so I sent them 10 questions to evaluate their horse.

They came back with a score of 9 out of 10, which sounds like a good thing, except I’d sent them my ‘is there low grade laminitis’ questions.

They were pretty shocked, but once they knew what the problem was, they were able to stop chasing the seemingly random symptoms and get to the real cause.

Not only did their pony improve, but they were able to stop working so hard as well!

While hoof boots are a useful tool, and would have helped their horse to be more comfortable, they wouldn’t have addressed the root cause of the foot soreness.

While there’s a multitude of potions that can treat hoof infection, they don’t remove the cause of the hoof infection.

Recognising and addressing low grade laminitis (sometimes called sub-clinical laminitis) is key to preventing catastrophic laminitic events that result in rotation of the pedal bone.

There are many early warning signs... Do you know what to look for?

 The Beat Laminitis 1 Day Course Includes:

Early warning signs

What are the early warning signs, and how do you spot them?

Leave with an actionable check list so you know how to montior your horse to catch problems early.

What triggers it?

What are the main triggers?  How you can recognise, avoid, and manage them.

What to do!

What to do when you see a problem, how to manage your horse, when to call the vet.

How to set up a system that's manageable for both you and your horse​!


The best dietary and nutritional interventions for your specific horse (or herd)

Grazing management, feeds, supplements, forage.  Lets simplify this!!


What are the most common myths and misconceptions, and how to ensure you don't fall foul of them.

Internal Hoof

What's really going on inside the hoof and why?

We'll have a look at the internal structures and discuss what's happening, and what you can do to help your horse.​

Before I attended Debbie’s weekend I would just pick up Alfie’s feet and pick them out just been happy that he hasn’t stood on my toe or snatched his foot off me!!
Well ……after a weekend with Debbie and a hoof I’m looking at things a little different!!
I didn’t realise just how important the hoof is and how much information about my horse’s health I can get from the hooves.
The mechanics on the inside are awesome and some of the structures are so delicate but so strong learning all about their functions is a must for any horse owner. I give much more thought and understanding to my horse’s hooves when I pick them out now.
Thank you Debbie for a great mind filling weekend.

Sarah Jane

My expectation of the course was to learn as much as I could, being a lay person, about a horse’s foot as I had a young unshod gelding and wanted to benefit his wellbeing.
Debbie gave excellent and thorough presentations throughout the weekend using visual and practical aids to assist our understanding. I learned that a horse’s foot needs to be trimmed correctly to enable movement in comfort and balance, to understand the inner and outer structure of the leg and foot, how to feel for a pulse in a horse’s foot to identify possible laminitis at an early stage, to understand how a horse flexes his feet naturally and the importance of good nutrition.
The food provided during the course was delicious and chatting to others on the course was very interesting, a thoroughly enjoyable weekend!!


Who am I?

Debs Crosoer

I’m a practicing Equine Podiatrist with over 10 years experience, author, educator and public speaker.

My focus is on helping people who want wildly effective horse keeping methods, without the usual stress and complication.

I’ve worked with competition horses, happy hackers and pasture ornaments, providing complete rehabilitation, ongoing maintenance or simply a more streamlined and manageable approach.

Enthusiastic clients have on occasion, called me ‘better than chocolate’ and ‘better than Google’ though that has yet to be scientifically researched!




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Lunch and snacks are provided

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Course cost is £120 per person

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These are all photos of hooves and horses who are suffering from some level of inflammation.