Balanced Nutrition

Nutrition makes up the building blocks of the body. The body is constantly rebuilding itself and regenerating cells. The raw materials used for this regeneration are provided through what your horse eats, drinks and breathes. Here’s a few simple questions that will give you a good idea as to whether your horse is getting the basics.

The Questions

1. Is your horse overweight or underweight?

​2. Do you have small cracks in the hoof walls?

​3. Do you have a slow hoof horn growth rate or weak hoof horn?

4. Is the coat dull?

5. Pinch the skin on the neck. Does it take more than a second to spring back into shape?

The Scoring

For each 'YES' answer score 2 points.

If your score is 0:

If your score is 1-3:

If your score is 4-6:

If your score is 7-10:

Resources for this Health Check

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