Health Checks

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The Health Checks

Hoof Care Practitioner
Hoof Care Practitioner! We’re not checking if your HCP is healthy here, rather, we’re looking at whether you’re really getting[...]
Hoof Infection
Hoof Infection Sometimes infection is superficial but there are times when it can be so aggressive it can make a[...]
Digestion We all know how important nutrition is, but getting the right stuff in your horses bucket, doesn't always mean[...]
Balanced Nutrition
Balanced Nutrition Nutrition is the building blocks of the body.  The body is constantly rebuilding itself and regenerating cells.  The[...]
Early Warning Signs of Laminitis These are ways to check for low levels of inflammation developing in your horse.  If[...]
Hoof Capsule
Healthy Hoof CapsuleThe hoof capsule is the outer horny structures of the hoof. There's also a health check for the[...]
Hoof Soundness Walk your horse up, view from the side, front and behind The Questions 1. Does the hoof land toe[...]
Internal Hoof Structure
Internal Hoof StructureThe internal structures of the hoof are really important, but because we can't see them, we often don't[...]
Gait Walk your horse up, view from the front, the side and behind The Questions Look at each leg individually.[...]
Toxin Accumulation and Elimination It’s important for your horse to eliminate toxins at least as fast as they accumulate. Toxins[...]
Flexibility Use sensitivity, make sure you’re breathing freely.  Remember - this is to test the flexibility of your horse, not[...]