Consultation and Coaching

herd on beach


Are you:

Struggling to get results as fast as you’d like?
Overwhelmed by too much information and advice?
Unsure of where to start?
Worrying all the time?

Want to:

Focus on what gets you the best results, simply?
Find the root cause and stop chasing the symptoms?
Have an uncomplicated, clear plan?

A Consultation and Coaching session might be what you’re after!

With years of training and experience in hoof care and trimming, nutrition, health and fitness, coaching and behavioural change (for both humans and horses), I’d love help you get your horse as happy and healthy as they can be.

Price: £40

How the Consultations work…

Fill in the consultation form.


You can attach photos at the end of the form, or you can email them to me later.


Once you submit the form, it will take you to the paypal payment page.


Make sure you give me your phone number (and dialing code if you’re outside the UK) and email address. I really need to be able to contact you 🙂
I always respond to emails within 48 hours (and usually within 24) so if you haven’t heard from me, don’t be shy about checking up.

If you’re in the UK it’s easy to get on the phone and have a chat. If you’re outside the UK that can be prohibitively costly but I have Skype, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. They’re all good options if you have them available.

If you’d prefer email, that’s possible too, though it is more difficult to know we’re understanding each other, and it takes much longer to get to the bottom of things.

Give as much detail as possible. I’m sure I’ll still be full of questions, but it gives me a better idea as to which questions to ask 🙂