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Does The Camera Lie?

Wonky photo

Does The Camera Lie? We’ve all seen a photo of a friend at some point and hardly recognised them because they really don’t look like that. It can be the same with hooves. Hooves can be baffling to photograph. If the camera angle isn’t right the hoof can look completely different in real life compared […]

The REAL Difference: Farrier Trim vs Barefoot Trim

Farrier Trim vs Barefoot Trim

The REAL Difference:Farrier Trim vs Barefoot Trim One of the first questions everyone asks when considering removing shoes and ‘going barefoot’ is ‘What’s the difference between a farrier trim and a barefoot trim?’ It’s a fair question, but it’s also a question that makes my brain melt a little bit. There’s nothing wrong with the […]

Bars: To Trim or Not To Trim

trimming bars

Bars: To Trim or Not To Trim I received a question from Becky about trimming bars:  Should the bars be trimmed, some say no and some do which is best for the horse and why? Well the direct and honest answer is this… Bars should be trimmed when they need trimming and not when they […]