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Walk This Way

Horse gait analysis

Walk This Way How often do you walk your horse up and really look at how they’re moving? I think most of us do it when we see a problem. It just doesn’t seem important enough to ask someone to walk our horse up unless we think there’s a problem. You probably walk them up […]

Just A Little Bit

barefoot trim little and often

Just A Little Bit Do you trim your own horses? How do you approach it? I’m not talking about techniques here, I’m talking about mind set… What is it that you’re thinking about and what are you trying to achieve. Let me be clear. I’m definitely not saying in any way that people should or […]

How Important Is Hoof Balance?

hoof balance

How Important Is Hoof Balance? A lot of focus is placed on getting perfectly balanced hooves. We all look at the outside of the hoof capsule and make our judgement as to whether the hoof has been properly balanced by whoever has trimmed or shod it. But have we really considered what balance is, and […]

Cracks Part 3: Why Cracks Get Worse

Why cracks get worse

Cracks Part 3: Why Cracks Get Worse In Cracks Pt 1: The Real Cause of  Hoof Cracks we talked about imbalance in the horse and the hoof. In Cracks Pt 2: Hoof Wall Cracks we covered how the hoof landing affects the structure of the hoof wall and how different kinds of crack can develop. Now lets […]

Cracks Part 2: Hoof Wall Cracks

Hoof Wall Crack

Cracks Part 2: Hoof Wall Cracks In Cracks Pt 1: The Real Cause of Hoof Cracks we were talking about what forces were acting on the hoof capsule during the stride. These uneven forces can create distortions in the hoof capsule and cracks can develop in sites of weakness. Having these forces going in directions they weren’t […]

Hoof Balance

hoof balance

Hoof Balance Good hoof balance should focus on more than just the feet. The focus should be on whole horse health. A healthy horse has healthy feet. The hooves are constantly regrowing and regenerating, so if there’s a health problem, it’s going to show up in the hooves. While having correctly balanced hooves is important, […]