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Why I Built Barefoot Horse Info

Barefoot Horse Info

Why I Built Barefoot Horse Info Barefoot Horse Info… What’s that all about then, hey? Back in August Eddie Linehan from Thunderbrook Feeds was expressing his frustration in the Barefoot Horse Owners Group that there wasn’t a single point of contact where people could get information on trimmers. It wasn’t by any means an original […]

Say What?

Say What? There’s so much advice out there in the horse world, some of it great, some of it awful, and anything in between. We only need advice when we don’t know what to do, so how are we to decipher good advice from bad unless we already know the answer?!? And why would we […]

I Think You’re Right

you're right

I Think You’re Right Really, I think you’re right, and sometimes, you simply don’t get enough credit for just how much you know! We all have many roles in life, so to be clear, I mean you the horse owner (or caregiver I suppose, if we’re being particularly politically correct – blugh!) As a horse […]

How Very Perceptive – Thinking About Barefoot…

thinking about barefoot

How Very Perceptive:Thinking About Barefoot… “It’s not about the trim.” Said pretty much every barefoot trimmer ever… Repeatedly. Sometimes with a further explanation, sometimes a hand to the forehead in frustration, sometimes with a chuckle, and sometimes with some expletives thrown in. But trust me, we’ve all said it (or at least I hope we […]

The Golden Rule of Barefoot Trimming

The Golden Rule of Barefoot Trimming

The Golden Rule of Barefoot Trimming There’s a lot of talk about what trimming methods to use, what should, or should never be done to a hoof. I frequently hear people, particularly online, trying to boil down a ‘good’ trim into a catch phrase or 1 simple rule.  Is there such a thing as a […]

The Thing About Going Barefoot…

going barefoot

The Thing About Going Barefoot… Well it’s not really about barefoot is it? Going barefoot is about so much more, that a times, the ‘barefoot’ part of it all isn’t what’s important. I mean, yes, when you take a horse’s shoes off you get a really clear picture of exactly where you are.  And that’s […]