How Important Is Hoof Balance?

hoof balance

How Important Is Hoof Balance? A lot of focus is placed on getting perfectly balanced hooves. We all look at the outside of the hoof capsule and make our judgement as to whether the hoof has been properly balanced by whoever has trimmed or shod it. But have we really considered what balance is, and […]

Bars: To Trim or Not To Trim

trimming bars

Bars: To Trim or Not To Trim I received a question from Becky about trimming bars:  Should the bars be trimmed, some say no and some do which is best for the horse and why? Well the direct and honest answer is this… Bars should be trimmed when they need trimming and not when they […]

What To Do When Grazing Isn’t Suitable

grazing problems

What To Do When Grazing Isn’t Suitable I had a question in response to my last blog post about laminitis. It occurred to me that grazing problems are so common, I should make the answer easier to find. I’ve added more to it so it covers more than just Barbra’s specific situation (just in case […]

You Can’t Cure Laminitis!


You Can’t Cure Laminitis! Well that’s a bit of a defeatist attitude isn’t it! Stay with me here, there’s hope I promise… Horses can get over laminitis, I’m just not sure they can be cured of it. You see, laminitis isn’t a disease, really. Firstly, lets define some terms so we’re all on the same […]

How Very Perceptive – Thinking About Barefoot…

thinking about barefoot

How Very Perceptive:Thinking About Barefoot… “It’s not about the trim.” Said pretty much every barefoot trimmer ever… Repeatedly. Sometimes with a further explanation, sometimes a hand to the forehead in frustration, sometimes with a chuckle, and sometimes with some expletives thrown in. But trust me, we’ve all said it (or at least I hope we […]

What I Did This Weekend

What I Did This Weekend Well it’s been an exciting weekend for me! I went and did that thing, where you make what seems like a simple suggestion to someone, and it ends up with you spending 12 hours doing a very unexpected task, on top of the fancy birthday cake you were trying to […]