Say What?

Say What? There’s so much advice out there in the horse world, some of it great, some of it awful, and anything in between. We only need advice when we don’t know what to do, so how are we to decipher good advice from bad unless we already know the answer?!? And why would we […]

Holy CAKES Batman

Cake for the barefoot horse owner

Holy CAKES Batman! So yesterday I asked a question on the facebook page. Life is always better with… It’s with equal parts admiration, and concern that I can confirm the answer was a resounding CAKE!!! (Though Nicola deserves a nod for elevating horses to share the lofty status that cake holds in our lives) It’s […]

Underrun Heels Explained Part 3

Underrun Heels

Underrun Heels ExplainedPart 3 What’s happening to the internal structures in a horse with underrun heels and how do the forces on the hoof capsule help or hinder the recovery? In part 1 we looked at the hoof capsule, In part 2 we looked at the position of the internal structures, Now let’s look at […]

Underrun Heels Explained Part 2

underrun heels

Underrun Heels ExplainedPart 2 It’s what’s on the inside that counts… right? How do the distortions in the hoof capsule affect the internal structures of the foot? So we had a look at what was happening on the outside in Part 1 There’s a few things that happen to the pedal bone when the […]

Listen To Your Gut

horse gut and digestion

Listen to Your Gut How often do you consider your horse’s digestion? We all spend a lot of time worrying about whether our horses are getting good nutrition, but we tend to focus on what we’re feeding them. We test the grass, maybe even the soil We test the hay We spend hours looking at […]

Underrun Heels Explained

underrun heels

Underrun Heels ExplainedPart 1 Underrun heels are a very common problem (or pathology) with hooves. It’s so common to see underrun heels that many people don’t even realise that it’s not ‘normal’ for a hoof to be that shape. You’ll often hear them called low heels, though I’d argue that you can have low heels […]

Walk This Way

Horse gait analysis

Walk This Way How often do you walk your horse up and really look at how they’re moving? I think most of us do it when we see a problem. It just doesn’t seem important enough to ask someone to walk our horse up unless we think there’s a problem. You probably walk them up […]

Just A Little Bit

barefoot trim little and often

Just A Little Bit Do you trim your own horses? How do you approach it? I’m not talking about techniques here, I’m talking about mind set… What is it that you’re thinking about and what are you trying to achieve. Let me be clear. I’m definitely not saying in any way that people should or […]

I Think You’re Right

you're right

I Think You’re Right Really, I think you’re right, and sometimes, you simply don’t get enough credit for just how much you know! We all have many roles in life, so to be clear, I mean you the horse owner (or caregiver I suppose, if we’re being particularly politically correct – blugh!) As a horse […]